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James Corden celebrates women (and pancakes) every day!

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On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, James Corden celebrated women on International Women’s Day, which also happens to be Pancake Day in America. According to some reports, International Women’s Day is “a day where we celebrate all of the international women Donald Trump has married,” but it is actually a day to celebrate the immense role women play in our societies. In honor of the day, Air India flew an international flight with an all female crew, which Corden says is a little unfair, because it they are saying, “Happy International Women’s Day! In honor of you, we’re giving men the day off.”

The real news about International Women’s Day this year, though, was that it was also Pancake Day in America. That is a combination Corden can really support, and it was a “huge day for Mrs. Butterworth.” Corden also reminds us this is a good day to celebrate some of our presidential candidates, like Hillary Clinton, who is a woman, and Marco Rubio, “who’s a little short stack.” But more than anything, James wants us to celebrate women every day, by offering them pancakes, of course.

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