‘Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper reassures white kids they, too, can be president

[comedycentral id=”45e4d4e0-c5b4-4df3-aae8-cafe797cd956″]

Jordan Klepper sat down with a group of white kids on Tuesday’s The Daily Show to assure them that they, too, can dream of being president. Barack Obama made history as the first African American president, but many white kids have grown up in America without ever having a white president. So, Jordan Klepper meets with a group of white kids to find out: “What does it do to a young white child’s dreams to have never seen themselves reflected in the nation’s highest office?”

He first asks the kids what they want to be when they grow up. The answers range from “stock exchanger” to pizza man to History Channel employee, which Klepper says is “so sad.” None of them chose president. “Could these poor little crackers even imagine that a president could be white?” he wonders, before trying to convince the kids that they can do anything. And now that Ben Carson is out of the race, the next president will definitely be white, which will be good for these kids to witness, because as Klepper points out, “You guys have never known a white person in a position of power

I mean outside of like congress and the supreme court, and, I think, most of the billionaires, and actually, most of superheroes, I think, are white. Everyone who’s played Batman.” Watch Klepper teach them how to be presidential.


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