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‘SNL’ mocks Donald Trump supporters with ‘Racists for Trump’ parody ad

This is a parody ad, but it will still probably rally support for Donald Trump.

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Last week, Donald Trump hesitated to disavow KKK leader David Duke and played dumb on white supremacy, then comedians Bill Maher and Louie CK equated the candidate with Adolf Hitler. So, of course “Saturday Night Live” had to address the issue, and they did so through what has become one of their best sources of satire this year—the commercial parody.

The commercial begins with sweeping views of American farmland, and a typical voiceover says, “The media’s been saying some pretty negative things about Donald Trump. But what are real Americans saying?” We then see a few of these “real Americans” going about their days, ironing clothes, painting a house, and collecting firewood, all while calling Trump an “authentic” “winner” “who’s actually created jobs.”

As the camera pulls out, though, each person reveals a little something extra. One has on a Nazi arm band, another is ironing a KKK hood, and one has just painted “White Power” on a the side of a building. This is “A Message from Racists for Donald Trump.” We’ve all known people who we thought were normal only to see them suddenly start posting racist things on Facebook in support of Donald Trump. Watch the clip to see a perfect representation of how racists can be hidden in plain sight.

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