Bill Maher claims conservatives don’t have empathy until they need to support a gay daughter or immigrant spouse

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On Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher claimed that conservatives do not possess an “empathy gene;” however, they change their stances on social issues when the issue directly affects them. “You can’t spend the first half of a debate bitching about how immigrants are ruining the country,” Maher begins, “and the second half talking about the uplifting stories of your immigrant parents.” He then goes on to give examples of how, “While Republicans generally do lack the empathy gene … there is an exception to this,” because “They do often get on the human side of an issue when it hits them right in their own home.”

His first example, and perhaps the most popular, is Dick Cheney’s support for same sex marriage. “Dick Cheney is so conservative, he got an artificial heart just to make sure he never felt sorry for anyone, but he’s a big supporter of gay marriage because he has a gay daughter and he needs to stay on her good side in case he needs a kidney.”

In a similar case, Jeb Bush is “passionate about Mexican immigrants because he married one,” and has a “fairly enlightened drug policy” because of his daughter’s cocaine addiction. Maher adds that Jeb is also a strong supporter of special needs education, “because of his brother.”


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