Stephen Colbert blasts Mitt Romney and GOP for their anti-democratic strategy to beat Trump

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On Thursday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert measured the effectiveness of Mitt Romney’s anti-Trump speech. Trump is the obvious frontrunner now, and despite his popularity, the Republican establishment does not want Trump as the nominee. But it looks like they will get him, and now “It’s like an arranged marriage, and unlike Trump’s other marriages, this one could last eight years.” As a last-ditch effort, the GOP brought in their former ringer, Mitt Romney, to lay the smack down. “Yes, they broke the seal on Mitt’s hyperbaric dignity chamber, and he shambled out and brought the pain.”

Romney began by listing all of Trump’s failed business ventures to prove that he was not a great business man. “True,” says Colbert, “Trump has put his name on some terrible investments. For example, four years ago he endorsed Mitt Romney for president.”

Colbert actually goes on to blast Mitt for the anti-democratic nature of his speech. “This game of ganging up against the popular guy who’s actually winning, that’s not democracy,” he points out. “That’s a reality show strategy, and that’s Trump’s home turf. Do you honestly think you’re going to be better at this than him? That’s like saying: ‘Hey, you know the way to fix our great white shark problem? Let’s get in the water with them. But first, let me put on my lucky ham.'”


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