Seth Meyers takes ‘A Closer Look’ at the latest Supreme Court case on abortion restrictions

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Seth Meyers took his usual ‘Closer Look’ on Thursday’s Late Night, this time at recent abortion laws that seek to close down clinics in Texas. The 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade gave women in America the constitutional right to abortion, but since that law passed, states have passed 1,074 abortion restrictions, because, if they can’t make abortion illegal, they can make it more difficult. Seth points out that “the only things that have increased more than abortion restrictions in the last five years are new emojis and the amount you hear Bruno Mars at the gym.”

One such law in Texas would require women to get a consultation 24 hours before having an abortion, a restriction many women saw as demeaning and sexist. In response, Kentucky lawmaker Mary Lou Marzian pushed a law which would require men to get a note from a spouse or partner before receiving Viagra. “Um, honey, will you write me a note for Viagra?” “Actually, I wanted to do some reading this weekend, so, no.”

The Supreme Court is now hearing the latest anti-abortion law from Texas, which would require all abortion clinics to meet the same standards of surgical centers, despite, as Justice Sonia Sotomayor pointed out, many procedures more dangerous than abortions are less restricted, like colonoscopies. “And of course,” Seth points out, “the reason colonoscopies aren’t regulated like abortions is that all men have, and some even are, assholes.”


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