Seth Meyers looks at the GOP’s choice between Donald Trump and, well, poison

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On Wednesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took ‘A Closer Look’ at the GOP’s choice to either line up behind frontrunner Donald Trump or disavow their own party’s nominee and broker the nomination at their convention later this year. The other choice right now seems to be Ted Cruz, but as Lindsey Graham said, the choice between Trump or Cruz is like the choice between being shot or poisoned. “Of course, Lindsey Graham’s weapon of choice is southern-fried sass,” says Seth before acknowlesding, “There’s a worse way to die—standing behind Donald Trump at a press conference.” Cue the clips of Chris Christie in agony during the Trump rally. “This is the face of a man thinking to himself, ‘Would it have killed me to keep two f—king lanes open on the George Washington Bridge?'”

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is trying to secure the nomination by making obvious claims, like, “This much is certain, January 20th, 2017 will be President Obama’s last day in office.” As Seth points out, “that’s the only promise the GOP can confidently make right now.” Except Trump is now shifting his rhetoric to please general election voters, saying he will unify and be inclusive when he is president, which is obvious pandering to the rest of the nation. “Realizing Donald Trump is smart enough to pivot to the general election is scary. It’s like the scene in Jurassic World, when Chris Pratt realizes the Indominus Rex can climb walls,” and now the Bronze-osaurus is loose.

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