Late Late Show Television

James Corden will help some Americans immigrate to England if Trump wins!!

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During Wednesday’s Late Late Show monologue, James Corden reported on the latest results from Super Tuesday, including the very important news, like “how many touch screens CNN can fit in their studio?” Donald Trump won the night easily by taking seven states, and Ted Cruz won three, while “Marcio Rubio won a highly coveted participation certificate, otherwise known as Minnesota.” Yes, Trump won big, while all of America lost, because “The seven states that Donald Trump won were shock, denial, guilt, anger, bargaining, depression, and Alabama.”

After Tuesday’s primaries, the phrase “How can I move to Canada” spiked on Google search by 350 percent. James think this is just typical; “Americans always threaten to move to Canada when a reality show host endorsed by the KKK becomes the republican nominee.” But the person who wants most to leave the country seems to be Chris Christie, who looked terrified to find himself standing behind Trump at his victory rally. “He looks like he had amnesia for a week and just remembered who Donald Trump was.” If only that could happen to all of us.

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