Trevor Noah shoots down Iowa legislators trying to let kids carry handguns

[comedycentral id=”5696f047-12c0-4be0-98fe-e398d3499c64″]

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah shot down lawmakers in Iowa who are trying to pass a law that would allow kids under the age of 14 to shoot and carry handguns. Trevor jokes that “Beliebers versus Directioners is about to get a whole lot more interesting,” but the heart of his critique is serious. “I’ve heard a lot of people complain about how nothing gets done by politicians. To them I say, be careful what you with for.” Iowa and many other states, already allow kids to carry rifles for the sake of hunting, but handguns creates a whole new set of problems. But the law states that these kids must be supervised by an adult with visual and verbal contact, so technically, FaceTime is acceptable supervision.

Trevor shows a clip of a man who has been lobbying to lawmakers to change the gun laws, because his two daughters have been shooting since age five. “Just to get this straight…some guy picked up the phone and called a lawmaker and said, ‘Hey, my kids need guns,’ and they were like, ‘Done!’ And every day in America, there’s parents calling lawmakers going, ‘Hey, my kids died because of guns,’ and they’re like, ‘Uh, can you hold?'” But Trevor was most disturbed to learn that most states don’t have any age limits on guns at all. It is so easy for kids to get ahold of guns. Watch the clip to see the commercial that’s about to make it a lot easier.


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