Stephen Colbert worries about Hillary’s terrorist cat and Marco’s insult comedy

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Stephen Colbert was asking the real questions on the Late Show‘s Super Tuesday episode, like, Did Hillary Clinton have a terrorist cat? Super Tuesday was a big day for the election as 13 states and hundreds of delegates were up for grabs, so “anything can happen, unless you’ve looked at the polls. In which case, one thing can happen”—Trump. But Stephen wants to talk about a more important issue. Politico recently revealed that Hillary Clinton’s childhood cat was named Isis. “This is the most shocking political pet news since Jimmy Carter revealed his childhood pet name was Ayatollah Catmenei.” This could spell doom for Hillary’s campaign, because “it does make sense if you don’t think about it.” Cats and ISIS are the same in that they are “both ruthless killers who poop in the sand, one assumes.”

Elsewhere on the campaign trail, Marco Rubio has been trying to beat Trump at his own game by insulting the frontrunner’s spray tan, small hands, and hinting at a few other things. According to Stephen, insult comedy is a time honored tradition. “Who can forget the Gettysburg address, when Abraham Lincoln famously decreed, ‘General Lee’s mother is so fat, we could keep the Union together with one of her belts.'” Watch the clip to see what else Stephen has to say about Rubio going “full Rickles.”


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