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James Corden doesn’t get what was so “Super” about Super Tuesday

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On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, James Cordan broke down the recent news in the American presidential race, starring Donald J. Trump. Yesterday was Super Tuesday for the candidates, the day where a large number of states vote in their primary elections, which Corden says, means “tomorrow could be panic Wednesday,” because Trump was expected to take a hefty lead. But Corden can’t get over using the word “Super” to describe a Tuesday full of primary voting, saying “calling the primary elections ‘Super’ is like calling broccoli a guilty pleasure.”

Moving on to Trump, Corden reports that the CEO and drivers of NASCAR endorsed Trump this weekend, which means Trump has “locked up the coveted guy-you-wish-your-sister-would-break-up-with vote.” The NASCAR CEO said Trump is a family man. “Just ask any of Trump’s three wives. That’s how much he likes families. He’s made three of them!” Trump’s other big endorsement this weekend came from the KKK, and there was a big controversy, because he didn’t immediately disavow the white supremacist group. “In his defense, Trump did eventually say he was against the KKK. And he did that after taking only 48 hours to think about it. He just needed to sleep on it. Twice.”

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