Trevor Noah follows Donald Trump’s frequent foray into fascism

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On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah addressed the frequent suggestion that Donald Trump is a fascist by showing that Trump’s campaign does indeed align with fascist sentiment. Fascism has proven to be a mixture of the following: a cult of action, intolerance of criticism, aggressive masculinity, fear of outsiders, resentment at national humiliation, and intense nationalism. Trevor shows a clip of Trump to go along with each of these, and “it kind of stops being funny as you’re watching it.” Well, Trevor says it’s still funny for him, because he has “a backup plan country.” But for the rest of us in America, Trevor gives a rundown of just the most recent in a long campaign of fascist moments for Trump.

Last week, Trump retweeted a quote from Benito Mussolini. And instead of apologizing or renouncing Mussolini, he said it was a very good quote. When asked, “You want to be associated with a fascist?” Trump said, “No, I want to be associated with interesting quotes.” In his next moment of fascism, Trump threatened to stomp on First Amendment rights by opening up libel laws so that he could sue journalists for criticizing him. And in the last fascist moment of the week, but certainly not the last of his campaign, Trump refused to disavow the KKK and its leader David Duke.

A cult of action? Check. Intolerance of criticism? Check. Aggressive masculinity? Check. Fear of outsiders? Big check. Resentment at national humiliation? Check. Intense nationalism? checK checK checK.

Watch Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers look at the KKK controversy.


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