Seth Meyers looks on as Republicans throw insults, and Trump all but accepts a KKK endorsement

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Seth Meyers took ‘A Closer Look’ at the current state of the Republican race on Monday’s Late Night, and what he saw was pretty horrifying. Trump’s opponents are now taking shots at him left and right. Rubio even made an implied joke about the size of Trump’s manhood, which is surely a first for any presidential campaign. “Remember when Trump insulted John McCain’s war record and it seemed like the worst thing a candidate could say? What’s happening now makes that seem like a soft burn from the Dowager Countess (from Downton Abbey).” And with all of this schoolyard talk, it only makes sense that the original bully would weigh in. Chris Christie endorsed Trump last week, despite months of claiming he wasn’t suited for the White House.

But Trump’s most controversial endorsement was from KKK leader David Duke. Not because Duke endorsed Trump, but because Trump refused to condemn Duke, saying in an interview with Jake Tapper that he didn’t know enough to disavow white supremacists. After he was criticized heavily for that reaction, Trump blamed the earpiece he was using during the interview. “He said David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan? I thought he said Daisy Duke and the Wu Tang Clan. And I will not disavow the Wu Tang Clan.” And of course, that wasn’t the only shocking thing Trump said all weekend. Watch the clip to see the Republican frontrunner try to stomp on First Amendment rights.


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