Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane reveal the truth behind Trump’s rise in a musical sequel to ‘The Producers’

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Jimmy Kimmel Live reunited Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane as their The Producers characters, Bialystock and Bloom, in a new musical follow-up that reveals the truth behind Donald Trump’s rise to political power. In Trumped, the down-and-out pair of political consultants need a new candidate rally behind. Their solution is to find a bad candidate, raise lots of money for him, and then when the candidate drops out because America realizes how bad he is, Bialystock and Bloom can keep all the dough.

For the plan to succeed, they need a candidate, but “This candidate—He’s gotta be the worst candidate in history, a real train wreck, a schmuck, a putz, a Grade A, world class, gold-plated nincompoop.” Who better than real estate mogul, and gold-plated human, Donald J. Trump? It seems like a perfect plan for the two, until they realize “They’ve picked the wrong fool,” and every horrible gaffe they planned for him — questioning John McCain’s heroism, proposing a ban on letting Muslims enter the U.S., and declaring that Heidi Klum is “no longer a 10” — becomes everything a large sect of American people want to hear. A Variety review says the story “starts out funny,” then “gets really, really depressing.” If only it were truly just a story. Watch the clip to see how it all unfolds.

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