Seth Meyers looks at Bernie Sanders’ youth appeal, and how Spring Break could ruin him

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Seth Meyers took ‘A Closer Look’ at the Democratic race for president on Thursday’s Late Night. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been locked in a tight contest, but the most notable trend has been the huge surge of support for Sanders among young people, which has even passed youth support for President Obama. Of those polled, 58 percent thought socialism was the most compassionate economic ideology. This scares conservatives, who think he’s trying to give away free college, free healthcare, and even free cars. This of a guy who doesn’t even know what kind of car he drives. “It’s so small it’s not even a car, really. It’s a scooter with doors. That’s the Chevy Equality.”

Bill O’Reilly has said he would move to Ireland if Sanders became president. Seth has some bad news for Bill. “If you think Ireland will be an oasis from the Bernie Sanders socialist nightmare, you’re in for a shock, because in Ireland, students pay no tuition in Irish colleges and universities. And when hearing that gives you a heart attack, don’t worry, because in Ireland, everyone is entitled to free basic healthcare.” So, conservatives are blasted Sanders, and Trump really wants to face him in the general election. But Sanders may have a big problem getting there—Spring Break kicks off during the March election cycle and all his young constituents may slip out on the chance to get him nominated.


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