Bill Maher gives a profanity-laced glimpse into Trump’s crass America

bill maher real time

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Bill Maher presented America with a profanity-filled State of the Union address on Friday’s Real Time. Recently, Trump criticized Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox for saying Mexico is “not going to pay for that f—king wall.” Trump claimed he would never use such language. “Talk about the pot calling the kettle orange,” says Maher, before showing a dozen clips of Trump using profanity at his rallies, including the now famous line, “I will bomb the s—t out of them.” Maher can’t help but notice “something certainly has changed in American political discourse” when someone like Trump doesn’t even try to clean it up, and the voters love him for it.

To make his point, Maher gets behind a podium and plays out a future State of the Union address filled with expletives and insults. He doesn’t even need to imitate Trump to make his point. With the very first line, “I stand before you tonight to report that the state of our union is f—king awesome,” Maher imagines a future world run by crass businessmen like Trump, in which nothing is off limits. Well, except taxes. “Lick my balls! No new taxes!” Watch the clip to see Maher use every single profane word known to man.


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