Late Late Show Television

James Corden announces the latest Bernie merch

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On Thursday’s Late Late Show, James Corden took a look at all of the opportunities you have to show your love for Bernie Sanders. Super Tuesday is fast approaching and that day of primaries will almost certainly decide the fate of Sanders, but for those who want him to be a more serious part of their lives, there are a few options. There is a new dating website, called, for Bernie supporters looking for love. This makes sense, because “he looks just like the eHarmony guy if that guy stuck his finger in a light socket.” In order to find a partner on the site, “you can swipe left, or swipe far left.”

Elsewhere in Bernie world, a woman in Oregon is making weed pipes with the Bernie logo, and a Brooklyn company has created the first Bernie action figure. The figure even says Bernie signature catchphrase, “Close the door, you’re letting all the air in.” All of this shows that Bernie really is a man of the people. He knows what we’re all about: “finding love, getting high, and playing with yourself.”

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