Trevor Noah questions Ben Carson’s black experience as Carson questions Obama’s

[comedycentral id=”6a8d7ac0-a0f4-4254-addb-cd9190be5f9e”]

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah questioned Ben Carson’s black history as Carson continues to attack Obama for the same reason. Carson has attacked Obama “for not being back enough,” because he was raised in Hawaii by a white mother, essentially implying that because he didn’t grow up poor he didn’t grow up black. Trevor points out, “Being poor isn’t what makes you black, because if it is, then there’s a lot of people living in trailers in middle America who will be very upset to hear the news.”

Trevor asks Carson, “What makes you the arbiter of black?” then shows a few clips of Carson talking about his childhood experiences. Trevor can’t stop laughing at how Carson says the word “ghetto,” or at Carson’s claim that he was held up at a “Popeyes organization.” Trevor mocks him, “I was at a Popeyes organization, and then I deposited basketballs at the urban athletic complex. Thereafter, I rounded out the night by making it precipitate at a ladies’ clothing removal facility.” But it’s a story about his mother that really makes Trevor question Carson’s black experience. Watch the clip to see what Trevor has to say about it.


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