Colbert thinks it’s time the GOP settled down with a nice second choice like Marco Rubio

marco rubio stephen colbert late show

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In the latest from the “Road to the White House,” Stephen Colbert recaps the latest from the Nevada primary. “The people in Nevada did what they do best—they pulled the lever and risked everything…When it was over, it came up orange, orange, orange” as Donald Trump won yet another state by taking every Las Vegas demographic: “Elvis impersonators, white tiger handlers, even master illusionists.”

Meanwhile, the GOP finally woke up and realized it may have done too little too late to combat Trump. Like many in Nevada, Republicans “woke up with a raging hangover wondering what the hell happened last night,” because Trump had more votes than Cruz and Rubio combined. But Rubio has a solution. He’s championing a new slogan that essentially says he may not be your first choice, but he should be your next choice. Stephen agrees, “the election’s not getting any younger and America needs to settle.”

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