Stephen Colbert and Pope Francis sort of apologize to Donald Trump

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Stephen Colbert continues his coverage of ‘The Road to the White House’ as Republicans compete in the Nevada caucus Tuesday. Trump, of course, has been drawing huge crowds in the state. “He’s like a one man Cirque du Soleil, in that, I can’t figure out why either one is popular,” admits Stephen. But whether you like it or not, it is becoming more and more plausible that Trump might win the nomination, and even the election. Trump has a lot of money and supporters, and he even took on the Pope, and sort of won.

Pope Francis said last week that a man who builds walls instead of bridges is no Christian, but when Trump fired back, the Vatican backed down from the claim. “It took Galileo 400 years to get an apology. Trump got one in 24 hours. I’d say that proves Trump’s theory that he is the center of the universe.” As a devoted Catholic, Stephen feels he needs to apologize to Trump, too—well, sort of.


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