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James Corden responds to complaints about Starbucks, Yelp, and ‘The Late Late Show’

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James Corden responded to all sorts of complaints on Tuesday’s Late Late Show, from Starbucks and Yelp, to comments on his own show. Starbucks changed its rewards program so that a free drink now takes 125 Stars, instead of the previous 12. They also changed how those Stars are distributed. The people are so upset, Corden can’t help but wish “there were a way for people to make their own coffee at home.” But he doesn’t think this is Starbucks’s fault. Last year, it was the Christmas cups; the year before that, it was the pumpkin spice complaints. “I think the real problem here is that drinking that much caffeine every day turns you into a whiny little bitch.”

In other complaint news, a Yelp employee was fired after she posted a letter to the CEO, complaining about low wages. “You would think the CEO of the website that’s used exclusively for complaining would be used to people complaining.” But Yelp and Starbucks are not alone. The Late Late Show receives numerous complaints on social media, and James takes the time to respond to a few.

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