Stephen Colbert bids farewell to Jeb Bush, the latest victim of the ‘Hungry for Power Games’

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Another tribute has fallen, and Stephen Colbert must once again bid farewell to a once promising candidate in his latest ‘Hungry for Power Games’ segment on the Late Show. Stephen brings up a picture of the remaining candidates, noting, “now they’re just Hillary Clinton and the seven dwarves.” But over the weekend, “we lost the biggest dwarf of all—Jeb!”

John Ellis Bush began his candidacy as the clear frontrunner, who had been trained since birth to fight for capital city. “He had all the advantages of name recognition, but was saddled with the burden of name recognition.” But in a race lead by a bigotry and xenophobia, Jeb was doomed was doomed from the start when he spoke Spanish during his announcement speech. Stephen asks, “How do you say ‘hasta la vista’ in español?” Watch the clip to see Stephen say goodbye.


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