Seth Meyers tries to understand how Donald Trump keeps winning Republican support

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On Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took ‘A Closer Look’ at the unstoppable Donald Trump. The Republican frontrunner won the South Carolina primary this weekend after he challenged core Republican beliefs, raising the question, “Does it even matter what Trump’s positions are?” Pundits and reporters are wondering if he will ever be stopped, and it seems as if “the media’s talking about Trump’s win the way reporters in the movie Armageddon talked about the asteroid.” He’s going to destroy the Eastern Seaboard.

Meanwhile, Cruz and Rubio are claiming victories, despite continuing to lose. Cruz said he made history in South Carolina, but Seth assures him, “Ted Cruz, you did not make history. In 20 years, if a history teacher asks who finished third in the 2016 South Carolina primary, they’re either a dick or Professor Ted Cruz.”

It seems Trump cannot be stopped. In the week before the South Carolina primary, he blamed Bush for 9/11, said George H. W. Bush did a better job of invading the Middle East, and claimed he ‘liked’ the Affordable Care Act. He then walked back on all of those claims after he was challenged, causing Seth to point out, “his hair looks like cotton candy because he’s always spinning.” Let’s hope voters realize it before it’s too late.

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