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James Corden remembers the Jeb Bush we all know and love (and offends Leo fans in the process?)

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On Monday’s Late Late Show, James Corden recapped the latest from the Republican presidential race. The South Carolina was this Saturday and Donald Trump won, which left the other candidates wondering how to proceed. Ben Carson, who received the lowest amount of votes, refuses to quit, explaining that he received as many delegates as the other losing candidates. But Corden points out, “that’s like me saying I have just as many Oscars as Leonardo Dicaprio.” Corden can’t understand why this joke gets booed, because he doesn’t understand how upset people are that DiCaprio hasn’t won yet. It’s beside the point, but Corden has a hard time letting it go.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to turn anything into a victory, including all the lights going out during one of his rallies. “Those lights going out is about as black as a Trump rally is ever gonna get,” jokes Corden. But the real story from this weekend is the loss of Jeb Bush, who dropped out of the race after a poor showing in South Carolina. James takes a minute to remember the Jeb we all know and love.

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