Seth Meyers takes a closer look at FBI overreach into Apple’s ‘backdoor’

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On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at Apple’s response the FBI’s request for a backdoor to the iPhone. For months law enforcement agencies and privacy groups have been debating whether tech companies like Apple should give government access to encrypted information, and the debate came to a head this week as Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a letter accusing the FBI of overreach after a judge ordered Apple to cooperate. “Cook refused the judges order, although technically he never received it, because the judge tried to find him on Apple Maps,” jokes Seth.

The FBI is trying to access information on the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, but there is a lock on the phone. If the wrong passcode is entered ten times, a self-destruct security feature will scramble the contents of the phone. “Not to be confused with the self destruct feature on your iPhone’s screen which is to drop it once from literally any height.” So, the FBI is asking for a program that would break the encryption, but that could lead to dangerous privacy violations that begins with the FBI seeing terrorist text messages, “and ends with everyone seeing your bathroom selfies. And not even the bathroom selfie you sent—the practice ones, where the light was bad and the toilet seat was up.” Presidential candidates have been debating whether Apple should create this backdoor to the iPhone, but clearly none of them knows anything about technology, so Seth just has some fun watching them all talk about the “backdoor.”


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