Tag team, back again! Jay Leno helps an injured Jimmy Fallon finish his monologue

"See, I don't care. They can't fire me." - Jay Leno, after a particularly dirty joke

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On Wednesday’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon injured himself during the monologue again, so Jay Leno tagged in to help him out. Fallon has done this before with Jay, and again with Billy Crystal, and despite Leno’s history of taking over the show, it’s nice to see him pop up from time to time to crack a few jokes—especially the surprise dirty joke.

He gets right into jokes about the current election as he recently received his first robotic call with the voice of Bill Clinton asking, “Can Hillary count on you?” “Count on me?” says Jay, “She can’t even count on Bill!” And despite the email scandal and Benghazi, Hillary says she can succeed because she has “been tested.” Leno says, “Well, I hope so. You never know what bill might bring home.”

Jay can’t believe what is happening in the Republican field as all the candidates fight seem to be fighting each other. “Remember the good old days when Republicans were all united against the poor and the minorities?” Meanwhile, the Ted Cruz campaign pulled a TV commercial because it starred a woman who had appeared in pornographic films. “The campaign said they hired the porn star because they thought she could make Ted Cruz easier to swallow.” With that, Jay jokes, “See, I don’t care. They can’t fire me,” and Jimmy comes back from his rest to help him finish out the monologue.

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