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James Corden has some words for President Obama about hosting a talk show

Obama: "Being president is a serious job. It's not hosting a talk show."

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President Obama thinks late night talk show hosts have it easy. The truth is, they have certainly had it easier this year making fun of the current batch of presidential candidates, as James Corden shows in Wednesday’s Late Late Show monologue. The South Carolina primary is Saturday and candidates are doing everything they can to get ahead in the race. Jeb summed up his vision for America by tweeting a picture of a pistol with his name etched into the slide and simply captioned “America.”

Corden thinks he could have just captioned it, “Now will you like me?” because the tweet was clearly pandering to a certain conservative set. But “to be fair,” says James, “Jeb Bush looks like the kind of person that puts his name on everything.” The big change Jeb made last week, though, was to wear contacts instead of his glasses. And James has to ask, “is anyone else worried that Jeb got rid of his glasses the same week he got a gun?”

It seems like running for president drives you crazy, but President Obama seems to have his wits about him. He recently told reporters that Donald Trump would never be president. James supports that statement, until the president continues by saying, “Being president is a serious job. It’s not hosting a talk show.” Oh, well Corden has a few words for the president about that low blow.

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