Stephen Colbert drops the mic on Kanye West, then helps him ask for a billion dollars

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Even Stephen Colbert is getting in on the Kanye West/Taylor Swift feud after Swift called out all her haters as she won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s Monday night. She didn’t name names, but everyone knows she was referring to West, who recently released a song saying he might have sex with her because he “made that bitch famous.” Colbert chimes in to say, “Kanye, I have a feeling the odds of you having sex with Taylor Swift are about the same as winning a Grammy you weren’t nominated for.”

As Colbert points out, though, Kanye has bigger problems than pop stars. Over the weekend, the “rapper/mogul/visionary toddler” tweeted that he is $53 million in debt, adding that he “shall overcome.” Stephen agrees, “He shall overcome. After all, I believe it was Martin Luther King who said, ‘Please give me 53 million dollars.'” Kanye tweeted asking Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Larry Page for money, and Stephen “can’t think of a better way to reach out to the founder of Facebook than the one place he’s sure to look—Twitter.” But Kanye included an org chart for his creative company, so Stephen helps him pitch some of his better ideas.


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