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Seth Meyers takes ‘A Closer Look’ at Donald Trump’s criticism of George W. Bush and the Iraq War

Will being critical of the well-liked former president spell the end for Donald Trump? Not a chance.

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Former President George W. Bush has been in the news lately, so Seth Meyers took ‘A Closer Look’ at why questions about Iraq and the Middle East have flared up on the debate circuit. In the most recent Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump attacked Bush over Iraq, saying that he did not keep America safe and that “the war in Iraq was a big fat mistake.” Trump gets so fired up, he starts turning from orange to red. Seth points out, “Look how angry Trump is. His skin is so red it looks like he’s fading into the background.”

It is a big deal for the Republican frontrunner to make that claim because it has been an article of faith in the Republican party to accept that Bush kept us safe and the current chaos in Iraq is Obama’s fault. While Jeb tried to turn things around during the debate, Trump pushed further, saying the World Trade Center came down while Bush was in office, “Remember that.” Jeb said in a later speech that he closed his eyes and thought he was talking to Michael Moore. Seth adds, “Also, when I closed my eyes I pretended I wasn’t running for president anymore. I was back home in Florida, where no one ever tweets mean things about me and hurts my feelings.”

But even when Trump is right, he finds a way to be wrong. Trump says he was critical of the war before it began, but reporters have found no evidence that he didn’t support the war before 2003. Now the Iraq War has grown increasingly unpopular, with 44 percent of Republicans now saying it was not worth it; however, George W. Bush is still very well-liked by Republicans. Do they think this will be the last straw for Republican supporters of Trump? Not a chance.

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