Samantha Bee visits a Syrian refugee camp to fi—ALERT! They’re all coming to kill us!!

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Samantha Bee visited a refugee camp in Jordan to see what these scary people are really like on Monday’s Full Frontal. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are fleeing war-torn Syria where their homes have been destroyed and cities have been taken over by terrorist groups. Many are fleeing to Europe, while others are going through the refugee migration process to be placed in countries like Canada. But the U.S. is deathly afraid that all refugees are terrorists thanks to conservative pundits spouting hate-filled rhetoric. So, Bee seeks to meet some of these refugees to answer the question, “Who are these refugees, and why do they hate America so much that they’re willing to be bombed into homelessness just to freak us out?”

In Jordan, Bee says she feels safe, welcome, and maybe a little bit inspired as she meets refugees who are just normal people that want to be treated like normal people. “You sound very reasonable to me,” she says to one woman. “That alone makes me feel suspicious.” But the most damning part of this segment is that it’s intercut with high-alert punditry from Fox News’ shouting heads. As she talks to Kate Dorsch of the International Organization for Migration, Jordan about the stringent vetting process, Bee asks, “Why doesn’t a large portion of the American public believe th—” ALERT! Cue pundits suggesting all refugees are men of fighting age ready to jump at the chance of terrorizing America.


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