‘SNL’ perfectly parodies the white response to Beyoncé’s black pride

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ociMBfkDG1w”%5D

Saturday Night Live released the trailer of a new horror film this weekend that will only scare white people. “To white people, it was just another great week…They never saw it coming. Then, the day before the Super Bowl, it happened:” Beyoncé released her new single and video, “Formation,” which is a celebration of her black heritage, and white people don’t know what to do with themselves. “Honey, get in here,” says a terrified white woman. “I think Beyoncé is black.” It only gets more horrifiying from there as white people make a startling realization. “Maybe this song isn’t for us,” wonders one white person. “But usually everything is!”

White people riot in the street, and hide under desks as the world comes crashing down around them and they realize that even some of their friends are black. In one exchange, a white woman learns the truth. “What about ‘Single Ladies?'” “She was black in that.” “What about ‘Jumpin’, Jumpin’?'” “She was black in that, too.” “What about the Pink Panther movie?” “Ok, yeah she was white in that.” Watch the clip, and if you’re white, beware, it’s rated NC-17 for white people.


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