Larry Wilmore blasts Michigan Governor Rick Snyder over latest Flint reports

[comedycentral id=”1d06eeba-61f4-432d-af24-c83803dbd571″]

In the latest update in the “Larry People Vs. Flint,” The Nightly Show‘s ongoing investigation into the Flint, Michigan water crisis, Larry puts Governor Rick Snyder on blast for two years of negligence. New details from the case show that Snyder’s office became aware of an outbreak of Legionnaires disease nearly a year ago, and did nothing about it. “It’s a move that Voldemort reportedly called ‘a bit much.'” So, Snyder hired two PR firms to handle his image during this time, because he must think “the real crisis here is with my brand.”

The people of Flint have petitioned to recall Snyder, but many of the requests were tossed out because of spelling or grammatical errors. “Hold on,” says Larry, “the water is filled with poisonous particles and you’re concerned about dangling participles?” So, the voters are now pushing to get him recalled for his handling of school reform, since they can’t get him on the water crisis. Snyder responded to calls for his resignation by firing the former State Supervisor of the Department of Environmental Quality. Larry can’t believe it. “Nearly two years of negligence and the only punishment is that one lady is sent packing? Call me crazy, but I think poisoning children should have higher stakes than an episode of The Bachelor.” For more on the story, Larry talks to a real plumber, Mario (Ricky Velez), about the state of Flint’s toxic pipes.


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