Seth Meyers takes “A Closer Look” at the New Hampshire primary results

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Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the New Hampshire primary results on Wednesday’s Late Night. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump both won their primaries, which as big news because they are both outsiders in their respective parties. But Seth wants to make sure everyone knows that they are not the same. Sanders runs on real issues, while Trump is a demagogue who constantly contradicts himself in order to get ahead. “The only things they have in common is, they are bad at using combs and they both pronounce it yuge. That’s it.” The differences showed in their victory speeches Tuesday night as Sanders thanked and congratulated Hillary, while Trump said, “I wanted to congratulate the other candidates, ok? Now that I got that over with!” Seth explains, “Trump thanks other candidates with the same rushed speed and low enthusiasm I’m guessing he usually reserves for foreplay.”

The rest of the field was pretty shaken up. Jeb came in fourth and claimed it as a victory for his campaign, but Seth isn’t having it. “Stop treating fourth place like it’s a victory! In horse races it’s not win, place, show, and Jeb.” Though he did do better than Rubio, who was taken down by his own repetition. Seth shows a clip of Rubio realizing, mid-sentence, that he is repeating himself. “That’s the moment in the sci-fi movie when the robot finally realizes he’s a robot.” The big winner of the night was surprisingly John Kasich, who came in second behind Trump with his honest campaign and declaration that light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. Sorry to break it to you, John, but “light didn’t beat darkness. Darkness won 34% to 15%.”

Check out what Colbert and Noah had to say about the primary.


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