Trevor Noah breaks down the circus that was the last GOP debate before the NH primary

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On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah broke down the final GOP debate before the New Hampshire primary, and it was a doozy. “From the beginning it was clear that at this debate anything could happen. Well, anything except for maybe getting all of the candidates out onto the stage.” The mess of an entrance started when Ben Carson missed his cue to walk on stage, and it all just snow balled from there. Trump missed his cue too, and Rubio and Jeb had to walk by the two. “That will be the only time Jeb Bush passes Trump in New Hampshire,” says Trevor. But the fun wasn’t over yet. The moderators announced Trump as the final candidate while there was still an empty podium for John Kasich. “Now the moderators are facing the stage, and they still couldn’t tell the difference between an empty podium and John Kasich.”

The fun didn’t stop there as the candidates came out fighting in desperation. Jeb attacked Trump on the subject of eminent domain, because Trump tried to bulldoze and old lady’s house to build a casino. Trump responded by essentially saying, “Quiet, pipsqueak. Talk to the tan.” Then Christie went after Rubio for his rote repetition of a 25-second speech. “Marco Rubio got f—ked so hard he had to take Chris Christie to Red Lobster,” reports Trevor. Watch the clip to see all these special moments in action.


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