Bill Maher defends recklessness in football, youth, and sex with David Bowie

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On Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher had a word for everyone who puts their nose in other people’s business: Don’t. The NFL has come under fire recently over concerns about concussions and the safety of the players. Maher acknowledges, “football is a body-crushing, brain-wrecking game. But we all know that now, so either ban it or shut the hell up about it.” He urges football watchers this Sunday to “make it a day to enjoy one national pastime: football. And set aside our other national pastime, which is telling strangers how to live their lives,” because these players seem to be enjoying themselves despite the risk.

Maher uses this as a jumping off point to talk about the right to all manner of reckless behavior that could lead to injury or death. “Some people smoke cigarettes, some ski too fast, some date Chris Brown,” but “you don’t get to stop strangers from doing what, or who, they love, even if it’s not what, or who, you would do.” Days after David Bowie died, the internet dredged up an interview with a woman named Lori Maddox, who lost her virginity to Bowie in the 70s when she was 15. Despite her fond memories of the moment, the internet was quick to decide that it was horrible for her. Sure Lori loved it and never regretted it for a second, Maher says, but “she’s wrong, because she’s only asking herself. She should be asking a blogger.”

Maher’s point is that sometimes living in the moment means being a little reckless. “You can only live at the age and time you’re living.” Now shut up about it.


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