Trevor Noah talks race and quarterbacks ahead of Super Bowl 50 matchup

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On Thursday’s Daily Show, the last episode before this weekend’s Super Bowl matchup, Trevor Noah talked about race and the portrayal of the opposing quarterbacks. The Carolina Panther’s Cam Newton will be going up against the Denver Bronco’s Peyton Manning. Both quarterbacks have made it to the biggest game of the year, but there is a huge difference in the way people talk about them.

Peyton is seen as calculated and precise, always on the bench looking over plays, while Newton, who one news organization called “the most rambunctious kid on the playground,” is shown dancing around and being erratic while Peyton studies. “Cam newton doesn’t study? That’s bullshit,” says Trevor, showing an image of Cam on the bench looking over plays. “You just chose to not show it because of the story you’re trying to tell. And you can do anything with one photo. I can do that as well,” he explains, before showing a photo of Peyton eating pizza.

The reason, Trevor explains, is essentially a racial double standard. Quarterbacks are typically white and apparently expected to be “classy.” But as Trevor explains, nothing about football is classy. It’s not supposed to be classy. It’s supposed to be fun. And fun should be celebrated, but “black people and white people just celebrate a little differently,” and that seems to be a problem. So Trevor, who is half black and half white, has some words for both sides about the issue.


0 thoughts on “Trevor Noah talks race and quarterbacks ahead of Super Bowl 50 matchup

  1. Look at the reaction of both quarter backs. One is the biggest baby. One is a class act. Cam Newton is a spoiled brat that needed his tail wiped. I hate to see kids look up to him. I don’t care if it is black or white, get over it.
    Racism will stay alive if people don’t move on. These football players love playing football and get paid a lot of money. I get up ever day and go to work and I would have to work a life time to get what they get in half a year.


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