Colbert pays tribute to fallen candidates in the latest Hungry for Power Games!

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Stephen Colbert once again paid tribute to the latest fallen candidates after the Iowa caucus reduced the players in The Hungry for Power Games. Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz won the caucuses on Monday. “Not sure what they won. I’m guessing it’s deep fried,” says Stephen. But everybody else lost, which led to a reduction in pool as candidates jumped ship. Stephen puts on his wig, sips his champagne, and assembles the tributes to see who has fallen. “Just look at them,” he urges. “The pride of the districts. There used to be so so many of them, now there are just too too many of them.”

The first to go was Dr. Rand Paul, who “came in fifth in the Iowa caucus with only 4.5 percent of the vote. You’d think being an eye doctor he would have seen this coming.” Next up was Democratic hopeful Martin O’Malley, “or as you may know him, Do I Know Him?” Mike Huckabee rounded out the fallen. Meanwhile, Jim Gilmore only got 12 votes, but stayed in the race. “That is less—and this is true, we looked it up—than the number of people in Iowa named Jim Gilmore.”


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