Trevor Noah slams election predictions, while everyone else slams Ted Cruz

Part 1

[comedycentral id=”3c18ba4e-f82e-4435-bda8-c873b1d77c62″]

Part 2

[comedycentral id=”42a38fa8-1ae3-4637-a166-375f9ce28985″]

It feels like it’s still Groundhog Day for Trevor Noah, who once again has to discuss he Iowa Caucus on The Daily Show in this clip from Wednesday’s show. And he’s beginning to think groundhogs are better at predicting the future than people, he says as he shows clips of talking heads wrongfully predicting the Iowa results. “No wonder the media loves Donald Trump. They are Donald Trump. No facts, all opinion.”

But with all the false predictions, “there is one thing you can rely on,” says Trevor, “Ted Cruz being a dick.” Ben Carson accused Cruz of shady tactics after Cruz sent an email to his supporters before the caucus was over saying Carson had dropped out of the race. It turns out, Carson was just flying home to get fresh clothes, which causes Trevor to wonder, “Does the Midwest not have laundromats?” Carson wasn’t the only one accusing Cruz of shady business. Donald Trump, of course, took to Twitter to accuse Cruz of stealing the vote. “At this rate Donald Trump would be our first millennial president.” Watch the clip to see what Ted Cruz had to say for himself after the accusation.


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