Trevor Noah and Jordan Klepper’s Iowa coverage is basically an Abbott & Costello sketch

Part 1

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Part 2

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Trevor Noah and Jordan Klepper tried to sort out the mixed up Iowa caucus results on Tuesday’s Daily Show. “After hearing how sophisticated American democracy is, it was nice to see the process for the first time, because, wow,” says an eager Trevor, who just moved to America last year. “Bernie Sanders won, but not as much as Hillary Clinton,” because they tied, but they broke the tie with coin tosses. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump, but the real winner was Marco Rubio, who placed third, because he now has momentum. Trevor asks Jordan Klepper to explain what this all means, but it turns into an Abbott and Costello sketch as Klepper tries to explain who’s in first. First place lost, and second place was a failure for Trump, but not for Bernie, and third place won for Rubio. “Here’s what needs to happen,” he explains. “Rubio needs to come in second in the second primary. That’s even better than being third in the first. Hillary will come in second, which tees her up to be first in the third. And Trump is praying for first so he isn’t the first at the top to be last.” Something like that.

Watch Stephen Colbert‘s take on the caucus.


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