Larry Wilmore tries to make sense of the chaotic Iowa caucus process

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On Tuesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore tried to make sense of the chaotic Iowa caucuses and confusing results. The caucus for each party was held Monday, and Ted Cruz won on the Republican side. “Trump, who predicted he’d win so much we’d get tired of it, came in second. Or in other words,” says Larry, “You’re a loser!” But the whole thing seemed to be one big mess of sloppy voting, with paper ballots thrown about and dropping on the floor. “We were one sneeze away from a constitutional crisis.” One precinct captain couldn’t report her voting results because her phone died.

For the Democrats, the results were so close and confusing that they couldn’t even call it that night. But Hillary went ahead and declared herself the winner, anyway. And some of her delegates were decided by a coin toss. “I find it ironic that…George Washington, whose head is spinning on that coin, is also spinning in his grave knowing this is our electoral system.” So, Larry talks to Beverly Washington (Holly Walker), who was still locked up in an arm wrestle to decide her precinct’s winning candidate.

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