James Corden knows the true winner of the Iowa caucus…Sticker Boy!!!

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/T7J9Mu6–j0″%5D

James Corden talked about the most important results of Monday’s Iowa caucus: sticker boy and Walter Hagen. By the time the Late Late Show aired Tuesday night, Ted Cruz was in the 26th hour of his speech. Okay, not really, but the first place Republican did deliver a 32 minute victory speech after his Iowa win, but James says, “to be fair, 31 of those minutes were just people shouting, ‘Really? Him? This guy?'” Trump came in second, which is admirable, but a couple years ago, he tweeted “Nobody remembers who came in second,” which, James points out, was famously said by Walter Hagen, “and if anyone can tell you who won’t be remembered, it’s Walter Hagen.” But the real person to be remembered from Iowa is the college kid with stickers on his face during Hillary’s speech. “Oh, to be young again,” James reminisces. “You remember those care free days of putting stickers on your face, taking molly, and hitting the Iowa caucus?” We stand with you, Sticker Boy!


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