James Corden gets stuck in an infinite Groundhog Day monologue

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/62u_WHQ9jYU”%5D

James Corden got stuck in a cyclical monologue on the Groundhog Day episode of The Late Late Show. The first time around, Corden delivers the monologue as usual. He jokes about how the most famous groundhog is wrong 61 percent of the time, saying “the only other people who get their facts wrong that often are running to be the Republican nominee.” He also has a couple jokes about how people celebrate Groundhog Day differently in LA, where “if a Real Housewife sees her crows feet, it will be six more weeks of plastic surgery.” Then he introduces his guests and band and shouts “roll the titles,” as he does every night. But this forces him right back into the monologue, and he can’t help saying, “I feel like we’ve done this,” as everyone else seems oblivious to his situation. Watch the clip to see just how many times he has to go through with it.


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