Larry Wilmore refuses to stop covering Flint until the water crisis is solved

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Larry Wilmore refuses to stop covering the Flint, Michigan water crisis until it is solved. So on Monday’s Nightly Show, he reported that “there’s so much lead in the water that poisoned Flint residents are now eligible to be used as No. 2 pencils for the SAT.” Governor Rick Snyder released his emails to the media, and information from the leak revealed that state workers were provided with bottled water and water coolers a year ago, long before the state was willing to admit there was a problem in Flint. But at least now the residents have water filters; that should help, right? Nope. Lead levels are still ten times the federal limit by which filters are even effective. Meanwhile, the school district in Flint only has one nurse for 6,000 students, and Snyder’s emails revealed a report that a resident was told not to worry about how the water effects her kids, because “it’s just a few IQ points.” Larry says, “I’m afraid this lead poising will make kids so dim they’ll end up being, like, the governor of Michigan or something.” Stay tuned for more from Larry, because this crisis won’t be over anytime soon.


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