‘The Daily Show’ flashes back to 1965 for Black History Month

[comedycentral id=”ffca8ee0-dd00-4a6a-89eb-04e1103b646c”]

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah commemorated the first day of Black History Month by flashing back to a historical episode of The Daily Show. In the “flashblack” to 1965, Trevor wonders why white people would ever worry about black voters. “It’s not like we can ever vote for a black man.” He then interviews Roy Wood Jr. about recent events in Selma, Alabama as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. planned his march to Montgomery. The outlook for African Americans seems promising to Wood, who realizes that decades before, a black man couldn’t even get a glass of water from a white man, and now they’re getting it even when they don’t want it, he points out, as a clip plays of activists getting blasted with high pressure fire hoses. “My guess is racism will be over by 1990.”


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