Bill Maher calls out the gullible internet and lying politicians

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On Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher got real about lies on the internet and on the campaign trail as Republicans like Trump continue to skirt the truth. Speaking of the state of modern news, Maher ridiculed the internet. “Americans used to get their news from actual news organizations. Now they get it from chain emails and chat rooms and Facebook posts written by lunatics and sadists.” Referencing chain emails and chat rooms may make Maher’s point a little dated, but his outlook is clear. “Before the internet, you only had to put up with your right-wing uncle on Thanksgiving. Now, he’s forwarding you proof 24/7 that Hillary led the Benghazi attacks and Obama was Bill Cosby’s pharmacist.”

Republican uncles aren’t the only subject of Maher’s contempt. Maher calls out Republican politicians Trump, Fiorina, and Cruz for what he calls “zombie lies,” which are the issues they just won’t let die, despite evidence to the contrary, like that Muslims in New Jersey cheered on 9/11 when the towers came down. “This tactic never even occurred to me,” says Maher. If he could just change history by steadfastly upholding his position, there are some films he made in the 80s that wouldn’t exist.


0 thoughts on “Bill Maher calls out the gullible internet and lying politicians

  1. Bill can be guilty of this too. I have seen him talk about Monsanto conspiracy theories and promote anti vaccination quackery. Both of which are Sarah Palin stupid if you try to think about the trillions of dollars of secret bribes and entire fields of science that would have to be 100% bought off in order to keep the conspiracies from being uncovered. but they run rampant on the Internet by cliqbait websites and charlatans and maher’s indorsement makes him look as stupid as Cruz.


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