Colbert pits Donald against Donald in an all-Trump debate

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On Thursday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert used edited footage to pit Donald Trump against himself in lieu of last night’s Republican debate. The Iowa caucuses are this Monday, and as the race heats up, Donald Trump has continued to skirt the rules to grab attention away from the other candidates. This time, Trump refused to participate in the FoxNews debate because of his ongoing feud with anchor and debate moderator Megyn Kelly. “After all, why would he want to practice going head to head against a strong blonde woman?” asks Stephen. FoxNews stood by Kelly after Trump called for her removal from the debate. And Stephen agrees with their decision, because “a news channel cannot let a politician decide who they put on the air. That’s what ratings are for.”

So, Trump dropped out of the debate. With no Trump on air, that means there were 24 million viewers up for grabs last night, and Stephen tried to grab them all with a special Trump segment. Stephen pits current footage of Trump against former footage of Trump in an all-Trump debate. “Gentlemen, you know the rules. You say the first thing that comes to your mind, and no matter what it is, your poll numbers go up.” Watch to see how often the two Donalds disagree.


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