‘Nightly Show’ cast carries guns to protect themselves from gun-carriers

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[comedycentral id=”8cee53fe-0336-482f-a5e9-caf2cb6539e0″]

On Thursday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore and his correspondents pulled out the big guns in a discussion of gun violence in America. Last year, President Obama announced he would demilitarize local law enforcement by banning things like tanks and grenade launchers. There will certainly be backlash when the order goes into effect, but Larry knows that if cops have these kinds of toys, they will find a way to use them, as in cases in Atlanta where SWAT teams are raiding barbershops only to investigate people for “barbing without licenses.” But it isn’t just the police who are taking advantage of their guns, a drunk Washington man brought a gun into a movie theater for fear of mass shootings, but ended up shooting a woman when his gun went off during the film. Larry brings on Mike Yard to talk about the incident, but Yard just wants to show off his guns. “I gotta protect myself from gun violence caused by people protecting themselves from gun violence,” he says, flashing two guns. Then Grace Parra and Holly Walker come in a little more fully armed, because they can’t be left vulnerable when everybody else is armed. Watch the clips to see the result.


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