‘The Daily Show’ debates worst-case scenario: Cruz or Trump

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At one time, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump supported each other, or at least said nice things about each other on the campaign trail, but ever since they’ve been neck and neck in the race, a nasty feud has sprung up between them. Trevor has some words for them—”Ease up guys, you’re both horrible.” With just a few days left before the Iowa caucuses, Trevor Noah and correspondents Jordan Klepper and Hasan Minhaj tried to look at the worst-case scenario and choose which would be the lesser of two evils in the oval office. Klepper calls Trump a blood clot that could kill you at any moments, while Minhaj thinks Ted Cruz is bone cancer that will absolutely kill you, it’s just a matter of when. But when it comes to nuke launch codes and having control of the U.S. military, the two can pretty much agree. “President Ted Cruz is definitely gonna nuke somebody, but at least we know it’ll be another country. Trump might nuke America because some guy in Iowa made fun of him in a tweet.” Watch the clips to see how they plan to deal with either candidate as president.


0 thoughts on “‘The Daily Show’ debates worst-case scenario: Cruz or Trump

  1. You are truly a real asshole!!!!! I am speaking for all who have or are fighting with Bone Cancer. You should be ashamed of your comment you useless human-being


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