Trevor Noah gets to the heart of Donald Trump’s feud with Megyn Kelly

[comedycentral id=”d78438dd-4d6f-45f2-b647-eb6401e2b915″]

Trevor Noah has to talk about Donald Trump again, this time because the Republican frontrunner announced he would skip the upcoming FoxNews debate. Trump pulled out of the debate because FoxNews refused to remove Megyn Kelly from the moderator’s desk. Trump has been feuding with Kelly since she asked him some very pointed questions in the first debate last year, and Trump refuses to give up control of the situation by letting her ask him more questions. “This is a man usually so in control that each morning he manages to successfully wind one extra long upper back hair around his head 4,000 times and keep it in place perfectly. That is control,” says Trevor, before realizing that “Donald trump has won the only fight that matters to him—the fight for attention.”


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