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Larry Wilmore refuses to stop talking about Flint’s water crisis until it’s solved

It's one thing to require an ID to vote, but just to get some water?!

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Larry Wilmore continues to look into the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan as the city is still in a state of emergency. Larry has spoken about the crisis on The Nightly Show twice since the news broke two weeks ago, and every time there is more to ridicule. Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Cher have been sending water, and so has Senator Ted Cruz. But it turns out Cruz’s campaign is only using the crisi to score political points, because he only sent water to anti-abortion supporters in Flint. A fed-up Larry asks, “people could die from this water, aren’t you supposed to be pro-life?” Elsewhere in Flint, undocumented immigrants have been denied water and are too afraid to get help for fear they might be deported. It turns out, Flint officials are requiring a social security number to get water. “It’s one thing to require an ID to vote, but just to get some water?!” interjects Larry. So, he talks to an immigrant who has found the only possible way to get water: running marathons.

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